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Formation of the Community and “A Way” in a New Time

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Our Lady says man has lost the power of discernment (May 2, 2009). What schools teach about procreation today is idiotic, perverse, and reckless. Procreation is a sacred part of life that creation itself teaches. That is why when society was wholesome, parents and livestock would teach their young adult children about the “birds and the bees,” a domain that belongs entirely to the parents over their children. No other institutions have that right or responsibility, especially the educational systems in place today that promote textbooks that are mortally sinful and damaging to souls.

Here the children got out of school to watch a calf being born, only to see a second one born shortly after…twins! “Birds and the bees” lesson #28: Nature is the tool God gave parents to teach the gifts of birth, creation, and procreation. We don’t need anything else.

During the first series of apparitions at Caritas in 1988, Our Lady told Marija that She desired a community to begin.* She is, therefore, viewed as the Foundress of the Community of Caritas. Caritas, as a Medjugorje mission, had already become international.  The founder had gone down the path of changing his life, transforming his family into a little community based in Our Lady's messages.  With this request for a community directly from Our Lady, he did not know how to go about forming a community.  Our founder questioned how he was to know how to choose who could join and who could not. He, knowing Our Lady asked for a community to be established, clearly saw Our Lady was the Foundress.  Who was he to decide who could join or not? He prayed a great deal, and suddenly it became clear. For those who wanted to join him, if they accepted and put into practice the changes he had made in his own life, illuminated by Our Lady’s messages, they could come. Therefore, it was self-screening. Our founder did not have to pick and choose who would come. Many are screened out, for example, when they learn that they would be going to 5:00 – 6:00 a.m. prayer every morning, outside in every season, for the rest of their lives. This showed one very quickly if their calling to the Community was real.

The “way” of life that has bloomed forth from living the messages, is not an easy way. Much like any pioneer who had to clear a new path through a forest, it was often a lonesome task, but at the same time, our founder had very clear discernment and direction that was marked in his heart concerning exactly what was to be formed. This interior vision was something precise, not vague.  A priest, who had observed the founder for some time, said as a priest he had never met anyone so clear in what way God was showing the founder to walk. This path in the forest that he cleared, through his witness, was followed by the Community. Through the witness we have shared, thousands have joined “a way of salvation,” that led them to put God in the first place in their lives.


The Community of Caritas Mission House in Medjugorje sees countless pilgrims from all over the world to give out the messages. It has become known as “The Message Place,” and has also become one of the top five must visit spots when pilgrimaging to Medjugorje.


A young missionary, who lived in the 1950’s and eventually was martyred in Ecuador by the very people he was trying to lead to Christ, wrote the following in his journal on August 1, 1950:

“It is good to think of the first days of the Church on earth when Christianity was not called merely a religion, or thought of only as a code of doctrine, but regarded as a “way”, as the book of Acts, Chapter 9:2 names it. Those believers had a manner, a way of carrying themselves, observable direction that so-called Christians today do not have. For a “way” is a display of patterned behavior-and what a display! Nothing anyone had was his own; all in one place with one accord while a spirit of love, responsibility, and conviction of truth possessed the whole. God send us one of those days, to vindicate Thy truth, glorify Thy Name, dispense the knowledge of Thy Son.”

The work of the Community forms part of an infrastructure to produce the messages in a variety of formats to help “culturalize” the message into life for everyone on Earth. Even non-believers who persist in their non-belief will benefit from a world built upon Our Lady’s messages. The goal is for their hearts to change by the message forming their mentality. This printing press above is part of the infrastructure to spread Our Lady’s messages. It has printed several million booklets, books, and other materials to help achieve the culturalization of the messages into general society.

Our founder states:

“We do not claim to be a holy people, though we strive to be every day, but we do claim to be living a holy way of life shown to us by the Mother of God Herself. Her messages are the ‘owner’s manual’ of living a ‘way' in a new time, originally given 2000 years ago, but now re-introduced in a new way to a society which has lost its way through technological advancements and many other modern clutters of life that have snuffed out the fullness of authentic Christian living.”

This new life has produced great fruit, some of which you are reading about here.

Click to read "One Mind, One Thought," which describes the words of 25 different Community members what the “way” is to them.

All religious orders within the Catholic Church have a Rule of Life that they live by. In the year 2001, the Bishop of the Birmingham diocese asked the founder of Caritas for the Rule of the life the Community lives at Caritas. He had never written it down because he felt we did not live by “a rule”, rather 'a way'. But upon the Bishop’s insistence, the rule of the Community of Caritas, “A Way” in a New Time was written. Our founder wrote it throughout the summer of 2001. And in obedience, he completed it on September 19, 2001, and presented it in a meeting with the bishop. 

It is not uncommon for the whole Community of Caritas to work all night to stuff a mailing. Though hard, these moments often are a joy for the children and youth, who spend time side by side with adults. Several are playing while also learning to work by our witness.

Working in union concentrates our efforts to produce fruit. To work as one heart, one mind makes Jesus’ joy complete (Phil. 2:2), granting the grace for the material being packaged in our shipping department to be blessed with a blessing that has produced hundreds of thousands of conversions through the mission of Caritas of Birmingham. Our Lady gave a special message in Medjugorje, one specifically to the Community through Marija. Our Lady said, “I want you to be Jesus’ joy” (October 31, 1997).

The founder actually called our rule “a way,” reflecting the way of life Our Lady has given to us, since it was She who asked, through the visionary Marija, for a Community to begin here. After the apparition in the founder’s home on December 13, 1988, Marija told him, “Our Lady wants to start a community here.” “A Way” is freely lived, out of love for Our Lady, by those who have chosen to accept the call to life in the Community of Caritas.

* After an apparition in the Bedroom in December 1988, visionary Marija, Pavlovic at the time, now Lunetti, said that Our Lady desired to see a community created here in Alabama.(Click for more about Medjugorje visionary Marija)

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